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      Welcome to the New York Car Service Recruiting page! New York Car Service has been offering clients throughout New York and the surrounding area quality transportation services since 1987. Excellent service begins with great people and authentic experience, so we put so much into choosing the best people to join our team. We provide jobs/trips around NYC so that each driver can work efficiently according to their schedule or itinerary. Each driver uses our app called LimoSys, a software that displays available trips around them or trips for schedule. After the driver chooses a trip, the app will automatically insert the pickup address into Google Maps, making it easier and safer for our drivers on the road. Payment for trips varies on the length and type of trip. Every new driver's first two months will be free of the base fee. After the two months, we charge a 10% commission fee every week. Our excellent staff direct deposit to our driver's bank account for voucher trips. For cash trips, the client will pay the driver in cash. So if you are looking for a job that includes vouchers, cash jobs, and more, New York Car Service is the perfect place to work as a taxi driver. For more information or how to apply to become a driver, scroll down or call 718-261-4048 to start your taxi driver journey!


In order to work as a livery driver for New York Car Service, you will need to have the following requirements below. These requirements are needed as NYC demand them from every driver working in a taxi service company. If you need more information on how to obtain these requirements, press "Help TLC" button. 


NYS License

NYS License is an issued license given to people over 16 who passed the driver test. You will need to be 19 or over to apply for TLC.


NY TLC License

The TLC Driver License is a license for a driver to carry passengers in a medallion taxi, green taxi (street hail livery), livery car, black car, or luxury limousine.


NYC TLC Plates

NYC TLC Plates were given to drivers with a TLC license. Unfortunately, it is now difficult to obtain one as NYC issues to drivers with a wheelchair car.  However, we are able to help if needing one.


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*Only for current New York Car Service livery drivers*

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